What is Feminine Might?

Feminine Might is a project about female strength and beauty created by the strength. It is a project about acceptance, growth and empowerment.

The project was created with the dream of offering women a source of insightful information and support on key topics to do with cultivating and living an abundant life.

With interviews and portraits of women sharing their personal stories we want to inspire you to see yourself as a strong, beautiful woman.



Nicole Anderes

What inspired Feminine Might?

Nicole Anderes is the owner of a small boutique hair salon and has been working in the hairdressing and beauty field for 10 years. She was inspired to start a project to help women who she saw were struggling to see their own beauty and worth by showing them that their outward appearance should not be the judge of their personal beauty. She wanted them to see their inner beauty, and was looking for a way to do this.

After much soul searching, she discovered that loving ourselves and self confidence did not come only from feeling good about our outward appearance, but from feeling in control of and being able to cultivate abundance in key areas of our lives.

She realised that we must therefore define what areas of our life are important to us and be honest with ourselves about where we are struggling and needing support; as well as where we might be able to offer support to others in areas we may be well versed in.

This ability to offer guidance and support in turn helps create a community where women’s nurturing gifts can be put to amazing use, also to help women see the areas they perhaps were unaware of how much they know, have to offer, and their special gifts and talents.



Photo © Sanna Heikintalo
Photo © Vanessa Püntener
Sanna Heikintalo

Photographers thoughts behind the project

In my work as portrait & lifestyle photographer with strong journalistic background I have met and photographed all kinds of people. Very often I hear the sentences I’m not photogenic at all! or I really don’t like to be photographed because I always look awful!

I want to break down this belief because I’m convinced, that it is possible to catch the beauty of each and every one of us to a photo. That’s the point of Feminine Might project too: We all have our strengths which make us beautiful in our own way, and it is worth of showing that to others too.

I have always been interested in making portraits on location, letting the natural light and other unpredicable circumstances bring their part to the images. The world is my studio, and in that studio will also portraits for Feminine Might come into existence.