Key Topics

Physical Wellbeing

is about how our habits of feeding and exercising our bodies affect our  daily lives. How does our Physical Wellbeing affect the other 11 areas of lives?

Questions to ask yourself:

Our bodies are what carry us through life on a daily basis. What is your vision of a healthy, vibrant physical body? Why do you want this body, and what goals are you willing to set to achieve it?

Intellectual Growth

is about learning new skills and growing our understanding in topics of value to our growth and expansion. How would learning a new skill (practical or mental) affect the other 11 areas of life?


Question to ask yourself:

Who is a person you know that is constantly learning new things or ways to improve themselves? Could you apply any of these tactics to your life, and how might they help you create a better you? Is there a mentor in your field that you could learn from?

Mental Wellbeing

is about how understanding our mental outlooks and health can help us in dealing with ourselves and others. Having a relationship with our thoughts and how they can affect our daily lives is a helpful skill to handling many situations.

Questions to ask yourself:

Do I take time to check in with my mental wellbeing? How do I handle uncomfortable emotions, and how would I like to feel about my Mental Health? What rituals might I like to have to support my mental wellbeing?

Cultivated Attributes

is about the character traits we choose to improve upon or hold as values for ourselves. Loyalty, Truthfulness, Stability, Perseverance.

Questions to ask yourself:

Who do you admire and what character attributes or values do they hold as a “way of life.” Are there any you would like to apply to your life?

Spiritual Connection

is about having a system that can support your spiritual side. This category will explore how having a spiritual belief (religious or not) can help create values and a sense of meaning in life.

Questions to ask yourself:

What beliefs help me to feel supported in my life? Are their beliefs I would like to adopt that would support me?

Self Love

is about learning how we can accept all the aspects of ourselves. How can we help support our own needs in a healthy way.

Questions to ask yourself:

What thoughts do I think that are unhealthy about myself? What would I need to do in order to be happy to spend time with myself? What things do I feel like I want from others that I could do for myself?


is about finding people that can help inspire us and help us to succeed. Parents, friends, couches, councillors; Who in your life has helped you on your life path?

Questions to ask yourself:

Who can I aspire to be that is doing what I want to do?

Social Wellbeing

is about the social connections we make and the communities we surround ourselves with. How do our social connections impact our lives?

Questions to ask yourself:

Are you involved in any groups that help you feel more connected to others? How can you find like minded people that offer support to each other?

Money Mindset

is about how our beliefs about money affect our financial lives for the long term. Learning how to have a healthy relationship with money and our finances can positively influence every area of our lives!

Questions to ask yourself:

What beliefs (Positive or Negative) have you been carrying around with you? What positive beliefs would you like to have?


is about finding a pathway to a career that feels meaningful and balanced with the other categories of your life.

Questions to ask yourself:

Who and or what inspired me to seek out the career I am in or interested in? What are the goals I want to achieve through my work? 

Life Balance

is about finding the most important areas of our lives and making time to make them a priority. 

Questions to ask yourself:

What areas of my life do I think are the most important. How much time am I currently investing in these areas? Am I happy with the way I am spending my time?

Future Planning

is about setting the goals for your ideal future.

Questions to ask yourself:

What should today look and feel like, how should tomorrow look and feel, what does your life look and feel like in 5 to 10 years?